Skills in Neighbourhood Work, 5th Edition (EPUB)


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Skills in Neighbourhood Work is a practice textbook. It explains the skills, knowledge and techniques needed by community workers and other practitioners to work effectively in and with communities.

While the principles and methods it describes have stood the test of time, the political, economic and social changes which have taken place since the book was first published have made new editions essential. Rewritten and updated to include new practice examples, this fifth edition retains all the practical information needed by the student or practitioner but sets it in the contemporary context. Including a European perspective and views from North America and Australia, it covers:

Starting, supporting and ending work with community groups


Data collection

Goals and priorities

Making contacts

Group work

Helping groups work with other organisations.

This invaluable textbook is essential reading for students and practitioners of community work.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis; December 30, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781032314600
  • ISBN: 9781000828108


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